Co-ordination of Support

Plan implementation involves a series of activities to connect with, and maintain, the supports outlined within the individual’s Statement of Supports.

These activities may include linking to supports and ensuring service delivery is assisting the Participant in meeting their Goals. Support to implement the plan (known as support co-ordination) is the provision of assistance in one or more of the components of plan implementation.

The primary role of a support coordinator is to:

  • Support implementation of all aspects of the plan, including informal, mainstream, community, and funded supports Strengthen and enhance the Participant’s own abilities to co-ordinate supports and participate in the community
  • Ensure mainstream services meet their obligations (i.e. housing, education, justice, health).
  • Build capacity of the Participant to achieve greater independence to self-direct services and supports in the  longer term.

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OVOC provides Supported Independent Living services in Newcastle and the Lake Macquarie area. We specialise in Community Access, Supported Group Accomodation (Holidays), Capacity Building & Support Coordination. 

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